It's not just a COOKIE anymore

About Us

I opened in 2003 as just an online cookie company but as demands grew and changed, I had to also. I still make cookies and oatmeal cookies... (just not 40 different varieties) mainly I found I have a love for sculpted cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and Truffles. Sculpting cakes I love the most because there are endless possibilities for what you can create and I rarely repeat the same design.

I am a Christian who has given Jesus Christ my life and I've always asked Him to use my business not just to make money but to bless and truly make a difference in someone's life. Mark 8:36 tells us what prophets us to gain the whole world, but lose our souls. That scripture reminds me to also be fair in my business practices. Money we can leave for our families but for me as a Wife, Mother, Sister, Cousin, friend or acquaintance..its more important for me to leave an everlasting legacy and that is sharing the love of Jesus Christ whenever I am able whether by word or deed.

I tell my daughter that if the only reward I receive in heaven is from teaching her the love of Jesus so she can do the same, then I will be TOTALLY OK with that.